3100 West End Ave, Suite 750
Nashville, TN 37203

Montecito has reinvented the medical real estate field by taking care of the physicians who take care of everyone. Montecito is one of the nation’s largest privately held companies specializing in healthcare-related real estate acquisitions and funding the development of medical real estate and now, much more. Montecito has partnered with an award-winning AI venture studio that is innovating healthcare. Together, they’re driving SAAS solutions that allow medical providers and developers to reduce costs, grow revenue, and better serve their clientele. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Montecito has been named for four consecutive years as a “key influencer in healthcare real estate” by and the editors of Real Estate Forum.

Montecito Medical Representatives:

Tyler Rhoades, Director of Acquisitions
[email protected]
(918) 313-0314

Rus Gudnyy, Senior Vice President, Investments
[email protected]
(615) 906-7144