CPOMP 2023 Topics

Friday, November 3 

The 3 Essentials to a Sustainable & Highly Profitable Real Estate Investment

Valuation - The Best (and Worst) Methods

Valuation is the KEY to creating sustainability in your physician-owned real estate investment. Valuation determines equity and equity determines the ability to create viable partner buy-ins and buyouts. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the methods of valuation for purchase and sale to optimize your outcomes.

Funding - Creating Affordable Buy-ins & Assured Buyouts

A look at innovative methods of funding buy-ins and buyouts. Each will be evaluated based on effectiveness, cost, and long-term viability. The session will address the use of internal vs. external financing to make buy-ins affordable and the cost of each. Panelists will include financial experts and your peers who have experienced the good AND bad outcomes.

Leverage - Exploring the Age-Old Question of Debt vs. Equity

A comprehensive and understandable discussion of the impacts of debt versus equity. This session answers the question of how, when and to what extent debt should be used to create a viable, attractive, and sustainable investment.

Luncheon: Banker’s Forum

Financing has become a great uncertainty and major focus of most every practice in their considerations as to whether to invest in new facilities. To help groups better understand the implications of the current and projected lending environment, some of the top banking professionals in the country will join CPOMP members to lead the conversation. 

David Ericksen, SVP, Middle Market Director
Umpqua Bank

Jeff Cobb, SVP
   First Citizens Bank

Jeff Kachel, SVP Medical & Physician Banking
Bank of Oklahoma

Joe Long, Director


Saturday, November 4 

The Real Estate Impact of Private Equity Sale of the Practice: Valuation & Structure

Your practice and your property are NOT mutually exclusive investments. A failure to address them globally in the sale of the practice to PE can have severe economic implications. Buyers of medical properties and PE negotiators will explain why your medical property immediately loses value upon sale and how to evaluate the loss and minimize the impact. Physician groups will learnwhat to look out for when negotiating the sale and how to structure the investment following the event.

Making Joint Ventures Work: How to Recognize Partner Misalignment & Utilize Provisions that Protect Your Investment

 Medical groups are unique real estate investors. The paths to their ultimate objectives often diverge from other types of investors. Physicians and executives from peer groups will discuss how they have been impacted when it came to choices of financing, selling, and the distribution of proceeds of the value created in sale-leasebacks. Issues will be addressed as they pertain to joint ventures with hospitals and joint ventures with equity partners such as developers or other third parties. Legal experts will weigh in on how groups can best protect their interests as well as negotiate equitable distributions.

New Tools Available to Assess Location & Space Needs

Industry experts with access to innovative tools will share how groups should approach the decision to choose a location and determine space needs when starting a new project. Learn what to look for, where to source the most accurate information, and who are the best partners to help. Understand how to strategically analyze demographic studies, payor mix breakdowns, accessibility, and competition so you can identify your practice’s needs and choose the best space to grow.

To Build or Not to Build: The Cost of Standing Still

How do you make the determination to move forward with a new project in an inflated environment … or not? Learn how to analyze this decision to ensure that the project makes sense economically and to take the proper steps to make an informed conclusion. Analysis will consider both moving from leased space to owned space and building facilities in a new market.

 CPOMP 2023 Faculty Members

Jimmy Tucker, MD

Collin Hart, CEO & Managing Director
ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors

Ethnie Jones, MD
Virginia Eye Institute

Eric Olson, CFO

Andrew Gould, MD
Advanced ENT & Allergy

Mike McCaslin, Principal
CIBZ Somerset

Craig Kilgore, CEO

Coastal Vascular & Vein Center

Bruce Cohen, MD & CEO
Ortho Carolina

Eric Nuttall, Partner
Eide Bailly

Paige LeMay, CEO, MHA, CMPE
Coastal Orthopedics

Thomas Sanchez, CEO
The Oregon Clinic

James Winchester, Principal
CMAC Partners

Kamee Wearden, Administrator
Southern Oregon Neurosurgical & Spine Associates

Greg Warren, Managing Partner
CMAC Partners

Check Kam, MD

South Florida Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Steve Dobias, CPA, Managing Director
CBIZ Somerset

Eric Janssen, MD & Managing Partner

Bruce Stewart, MD
Shoreline Orthopaedics

Alicia Daniel, CFO


Arthur Valadie, MD & President

Coastal Orthopedics

Hector Torres, Managing Director
DC Advisory

MJ Pennington, MD, President & CEO
Granger Medical Clinic

Cory Pace, CFO
Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute

Jennifer Struck, Attorney
Hall Render

Greg Markvluwer, Vice President, Real Estate Development

John Blanck, Senior Managing Director
Integra Realty

Blake Wylie, Chief Technology Officer
Clarity Ventures Group