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Welcome to a New World of technology services that are strategic, transparent and flexible, and are based on mutual trust and centered around your clinic and business office needs – whatever they are, and however they may change. With a strategic, holistic approach, we offer more than just solutions – we offer partnerships built on trust and innovation. Flexible month-to-month agreements. Transparent pricing with no hidden costs. No change orders because nothing is out of scope. We don’t engage in resale or product partnerships. Our approach is agile, allowing us to swiftly adapt and pivot as needed. We believe in the power of innovation, the importance of results, and the value of a collaborative partnership.

Listen to the CPOMP podcast episode with Marion Jenkins of HealthSpaces:

HealthSpaces Representatives:

Marion Jenkins, Partner, Co-Founder
(303) 918-8853

Sierra Schneider, Marketing & Communications Specialtist
(720) 955-9723