Meadows & Ohly

Meadows & Ohly is a privately held comprehensive healthcare real estate services firm that has been serving the healthcare industry for 50 years. Our five decades of service has produced numerous long-term relationships with leading hospitals, health systems, REITs, and private owners across the country, resulting in clients that continually return to us for strategic and delivery solutions. Our scope of practice includes Development, Program Management, Property Management, Lease Administration, Brokerage, and Strategic Advisory Services, all centered around the systems, providers, and patients we serve.

The M&O team brings a powerful combination of strategic expertise, operational knowledge, and an ownership mentality to every engagement, with an overarching focus on creating environments which support better healthcare. We specialize in tailoring custom solutions and plans to the individualized needs of our healthcare clients. Since our inception we have been solely focused on the healthcare space, giving us a level of specific knowledge and expertise that sets us apart in a crowded field. We are privately held with no outside ownership (private equity/venture capital), which allows us to grow intentionally rather than out of necessity or obligation to outside stakeholders. We answer only to our clients and their patients and providers, and our core mission is to build and maintain trust as we establish long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.